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At Health New England, we strongly believe that health plans should do more than just pay for doctors’ bills when you are sick. That’s why, in addition to the full range of benefits we offer, we also provide a number of programs to address the wellness of our members and their families at every stage of life.


Set your goals and stick to them with help from our Healthy Directions portal.

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Take advantage of the many Healthy Directions fitness programs and challenges.

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Get the latest information on healthy food choices from our Healthy Directions nutrition webinars.

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Healthy Directions provides access to many preventive care resources including screenings and assessments.

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We offer incentive and reimbursement programs for members to reinforce their health and wellness efforts.

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Browse our library of webinars on various health and wellness topics.

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Healthy Directions Worksite Wellness Programs

The Healthy Directions Worksite Wellness Program has been designed to help all Health New England Employer Groups establish cultures of health at their workplace by removing the administrative burden of implementing health promotion and wellness programs.

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Wellness Plan Benefits

At a basic level, we offer all members access to the following wellness benefits as part of their health plans:

  • An annual preventive well-visit, covered at no cost1
  • A yearly $200 individual / $400 family wellness/fitness reimbursement2
  • Nutritional counseling with a certified nutritionist3
  • Free help to quit tobacco use through our tobacco cessation program

In addition, members get free online access to the Healthy Directions web portal, powered by WebMD ONE®. Members can take advantage of the many helpful tools to improve overall health and well-being in a private portal such as a comprehensive health assessment, daily habit tips, self-management tools, health trackers, healthy recipes and much more.

1When using an in-network provider.
2Amount may vary depending on plan/group election; some self-funded plans do not offer this reimbursement.
3Number of visits may vary by plan/group.


Healthy Choices Rewards Program

We also offer a free opt-in program called Healthy Choices for employer groups and for individual members who purchased a plan through the Connector.

Healthy Choices is an online program located on our Healthy Directions web portalthat rewards members for being proactive about their health. Healthy Choices is designed to help members gain a better understanding of their health and learn ways to better manage it. By completing a few simple health activities during the year, members earn points towards raffle drawings. Ask your employer about Healthy Choices today.


3-Tiered Worksite Wellness Program

Our customized Healthy Directions Worksite Wellness Program is designed for employer groups that would like to partner with us more closely. It offers employers three levels of participation.

Our Health Management Team will work with employer groups to tailor a comprehensive program that is right for their employees – and we will administer the program for free.

The customized 3-tiered Worksite Wellness Program offers the following levels of participation:

  • Steps – Basic level offering various health activities and webinars
  • Roads – Intermediate level with additional challenges and educational seminars
  • Directions – Most comprehensive and best program value, which includes onsite biometric screenings, as well as Steps and Roads offerings and much more

All 3 tiers include the Basic Wellness Plan Benefits and the Healthy Choices Member Rewards Program described on this page. All 3 tiers have access to the Healthy Directions web portal at webmdhealth.com/hne. We will also design and administer additional incentive programs for employers who choose to supply extra rewards to further motivate their employees.

For more details, download the Worksite Wellness Program Overview booklet or the Program handout.

For more information or to opt into either the Healthy Choices program or the Healthy Directions program, contact our Health Management Program Department at healthydirections@hne.com.

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DISCLAIMER: All information contained on this website, including the preventive health recommendations, is for general information purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. For specific information or advice relating to your medical needs, please consult your primary care provider.