The right prescription medicine can be the key to getting and staying healthy. That means choosing the best medicines for your health and safety—and getting those medicines how and when you need them—really matters.

Prescription Drug coverage is included in most Health New England plans. And because members have many health care decisions to make, we also provide the support and information to help them make the best prescription drug choices for their health.

We’re committed to providing access to high quality care at an affordable price. One of the ways that we do this is by managing the use of high-cost items and services. Often, a generic alternative is available that works just as well, but costs a lot less. 


Health New England is partnering with Rx Savings Solutions to help members save money on prescriptions through an innovative pharmacy savings tool. Coming later this summer, you and your health plan dependents will have access to the Rx Savings Solutions program at no cost to you.*

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