Our plan comparisons are only brief summaries and not intended to describe all of the benefits or limitations of each plan. A complete listing of the benefits, exclusions and limitations may be found in the Evidence of Coverage (EOC). If any terms in these documents differ from the terms in the EOC, the EOC governs.

Plan Comparisons and Additional Benefits Booklets

From managed care plans to high deductible health plans and everything in between, Health New England offers a range of health care plans to meet your unique needs. 

Our Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans give you access to doctors and hospitals in our network. Services are provided through our extensive network of doctors and health care professionals in Western and Central Massachusetts, as well as parts of Connecticut and Vermont.

We also offer Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. These plans allow members to use our network of doctors, or to receive covered services outside of the network. Out-of-pocket costs are lower for in-network services, and higher for those received out of network. Out-of-network costs usually include deductibles and coinsurance.  

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Need Insurance?

If your employer does not offer health insurance and you are not affiliated with the Health Connector, we still might have a plan option for you. 

Health New England offers a variety of plan options for your health care needs.

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