Where Your Health Matters Webinar Series

Health New England is offering a “Where Your Health Matters” live webinar series to educate, engage and empower our community during the pandemic. This six part series runs from January 13 to March 24, 2021, and consists of 45-minute, bi-weekly Zoom webinars. Guest speakers will be discussing topics of immunity through nutrition, mindfulness, managing emotions and more.

Past Webinars

Sessions will be recorded for future access on our Health New England YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/HealthNewEngland. A link to each webinar will be published below once the recording is available.

Where Health Consciousness Matters

Health consciousness touches on many aspects of wellness. This webinar discusses aspects of health consciousness including mindfulness, consumer awareness, importance of self-care, and helping others.

Watch Recording from Wed., January 13

About the Presenter

Dr. Joel Bennett

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Where Socialization Matters

Discuss and identify the health risks associated with loneliness and the benefits of social connections. Learn ways to decrease loneliness and foster social connections to enhance your well-being.

Watch Recording from Wed., January 27

About the Presenter

Anita Ridolfo, MA

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Where Healthy Habits Matter

In this interactive webinar, Saundra Schrock, PhD, CEO of Levelhead, will share practical, science-based micro-lessons to help you successfully establish or maintain essential healthy habits -- including how to create positive behavior change that improves sleep routines, limits stress eating, reduces stress, and more.

Watch Recording from Wed., February 10

About the Presenter

Saundra Schrock, PhD

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Where Conscious Activity Matters

The ways we stay active may have changed with COVID, but there are many ways to continue to move. Learn how to incorporate new habits and what to focus on to create a new homeostasis that also includes nutrition and sleep.

Watch Recording from Wed., February 24

About the Presenter

Michael Harris, BS, MS

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Where Caregivers Matter

Whether a working parent or a caregiver, juggling a career, family and your own needs is daunting especially with the effects of COVID 19 restrictions. Challenges from meal planning, sleep, spouse/partner communication and especially parent/caregiver guilt are exacerbated. Join The Wellness Scout and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Kirsten Wright-Cirit, to discuss how you can juggle the caregiver role after working a full day.

Watch Recording from Wed., March 10

About the Presenter

Kirsten Wright-Cirit, BA, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

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Where Food & Immunity Matter

Your immune system is a finely tuned machine that has the power to defend itself against foreign invaders like viruses, bad bacteria and toxins. The food you put in your mouth can affect your body's immunity, help you win the fight towards optimal health, and improve your quality of life. Tune into this webinar for a nutrition tune-up!

Watch Recording from Wed., March 24

About the Presenter

Nancy Dell, MS, RDN, LDN, CDE

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