Pillar 1 Milestones

Associate Engagement

Raising awareness and having dialogue about our core values, our actions and our perspectives on how we are different and why that is our most valuable asset at Health New England.

  • June 2020: The DEIB Committee was formed with members spanning across the organization.
  • June 2020: Launched a Diversity and Inclusion email address for associates to communicate directly to the DEIB Committee with thoughts and feedback.
  • June 2020: Health New England associates participated in a webinar hosted by Baystate Health: “Elevating Dignity: Making Space in the Face of Adversity.”
  • November 2020: Hosted Factuality training with 83 HNE associate participants.
  • February 2021: Health New England hosts Detroit-based Will the Poet Langford to lead 50 associates through a dynamic, art-based writing workshop in celebration of Black History Month.
  • March 2021: New England adopted Dr. Donna Hicks’s Dignity Model as the core of our educational platform. For more information about how Health New England has integrated the Dignity Model into our work, see Helpful Links.
  • March-June 2021: Health New England partners with Baystate Health’s Black Employees Connecting Leadership team in planning its week-long event series commemorating Juneteenth.
  • April 2021: Conducted a survey of all associates to solicit anonymous feedback, thoughts, and concerns about our climate for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.
  • April-May 2021: Utilized results of our DEIB Survey to define and refine our approach to DEIB, including developing our educational platform.
  • April 2021: Health New England associates invited to participate in Baystate Health’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs) as part of a health system-wide integrated DEIB strategy.
  • May-June 2021: Trained 70% of all associates – including leadership – on the Dignity Model.
  • June 2021: Implementing a Dignity Model infrastructure to provide associates with opportunities to seek support on Dignity violations in the workplace.