Start Saving Big on Your Prescriptions 

RxSS 2022b

Health New England has partnered with Rx Savings Solutions to help members save money on prescriptions through an innovative pharmacy savings tool. You and your health plan dependents can now access the Rx Savings Solutions program at no cost to you.*

Rx Savings Solutions shows you the lowest price and in-network pharmacy for every medication you and your family take. Unlike other price-shopping tools, Rx Savings Solutions can also suggest lower-cost medications that work just as effectively as those you’re currently taking.

Best of all, once you register, Rx Savings Solutions will notify you whenever you have an opportunity to save!

New Login Options!

Easily activate and access your RxSS account at

Keep track of your progress using the RxSS mobile app.


For new prescriptions:

  1. Log in to your account through
  2. Search for your new prescription. 
  3. You can even check your cost right from your doctor’s office. Your search will run through a patented tool that provides you with a personalized prescription savings plan.
  4. Review the next steps to make the best choice for your physical and financial health.

For regular prescriptions:

  1. Rx Savings Solutions automatically pulls in any prescription you’ve filled in the last six months and prepares a personalized prescription savings plan for you.
  2. When there is an opportunity to save, Rx Savings Solutions will send you a letter, text or email notification, based on your contact preferences letting you know to log in and view your savings opportunities.
  3. Log in to your account through
  4. Click on the savings alert on your dashboard.
  5. Review the next steps to make the best choice for your health and finances.
Contact the Rx Savings Solutions Pharmacy Support Team. Call 1-800-268-4476 or email

To download the printable flyer and FAQs, click here.

For more information about Health New England's partnership with Rx Savings Solution, view our press release.

How to activate your FREE account — it’s simple and secure

  • Log into the Health New England Member Portal at
    • If it’s your first time to our Member Portal, please register and then click on the Pharmacy Benefits icon at the bottom of the dashboard. Then, click on the Rx Savings Solutions link.
    • Call the Rx Savings Solutions Pharmacy Support team at (800) 268-4476 or email

*Only applies to groups/members with prescription coverage through Health New England.

Learn more how Rx Savings Solutions works!